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Hommlet - The Temple of Elemental Evil

General Location

Hommlet - The Temple of Elemental EvilThe Village of Hommlet—or merely "Hommlet," as it is commonly called—is situated in the central part of the Flanaess (see map), that portion of western Oerik Continent which is known and 'civilized.' The hamlet-sized village is at a crossroads located some 30 leagues southeast of the town of Verbobonc, or thereabouts, on the fringe of the territory controlled by the noble Lord Wilfrick, the Viscount of Verbobonc.

To the north is the small town of Etterboek and the mighty Velverdyva River, along whose south bank runs the Lowroad. Many days' travel to the east, on the shores of the Lake of Unknown Depths (Nyr Dyv), is the great walled city of Dyvers. The village of Sobanwych lies about halfway along the route. Below that to the southeast and east are miles and miles of forest (the Gnarley), beyond which is the Wild Coast, Woolly Bay, and the Sea of Gearnat. The road south forks a league or so beyond the little community, one branch meandering off towards the Wild Coast, the other rolling through the lower Kron Hills to the village of Ostverk and then eventually turning southwards again into the elven kingdom of Celene. The western route leads into the very heart of the gnomish highlands, passing through Greenway Valley about a day's travel distant and going onwards to the Lortmil Mountains far beyond.

Personalities of Note

Hommlet - The Temple of Elemental Evil
  • Burne & Rufus are ex-adventurers charged with building a small castle in the town. They also serve on the village council.
  • Ostler Gundigoot runs the Inn of the Welcome Wench, and is also a councilman.
  • Terjon & Calmert are clerics of Saint Cuthbert and manage the local church.
  • Elmo is the town drunk, and claims to have a "brudder" in Nulb.
  • Jaroo Ashstaff is a local druid, who makes his home in the town. He has a bear named Gormf.
  • Hopkin Hillhopper III is the local jeweler and money-changer. He calls himself a "banker."
  • Rannos & Gremag (Deceased) - ran the local trading post.


Information on Hommlet's history is located in the Hommlet History section of General Lore.

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